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Man reportedly approaches car on West Gorham Street with knife

Madison police arrested a man Tuesday night after he allegedly approached a car at a stoplight outside of Chasers Bar and Grille with a knife.

Image By: Miller Jozwiak

A man was arrested downtown Tuesday night after reportedly approaching a car with a knife at a stoplight.

Madison Police Department officers responded to a call at Chasers Bar and Grille on the corner of West Gorham Street and Broom Street and arrested a suspect around 9 p.m.

The suspect allegedly approached a car parked in at a stoplight with a knife in his hand, MPD Officer Mike Richardson said. The driver of the car was accompanied by her child. When police arrived, the suspect was inside of Chasers.

“Chasers had already contacted us because [the suspect] was drawing attention to himself inside,” Richardson said.

Police found a knife on the suspect, whose identification has not yet been released, and arrested him.

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