Great female-centric TV shows to watch for Women’s History Month

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March is officially Women’s History Month, so a perfect time to binge (or re-binge, let’s be honest) some of TV’s greatest female-centric shows. Here are my top eight favorite shows – in no particular order – that you should definitely watch instead of studying for your midterms.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

This show is so funny that I have to watch it in my room to avoid being that roommate. The protagonist, Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), is on the brink of a breakdown working at a big law firm in New York City when she runs into her old boyfriend who happens to be moving to West Covina, California. She decides to move there as well, of course not because Josh is there. This show turns every rom-com trope on its head, pointing out these ridiculous ideas of romance we grow up believing. It also does a great job normalizing people with mental health conditions. Every original song sung in this show will make you laugh out loud (especially the song “Yoga.” Just look it up).


I was late to the game watching this one, but it’s quickly moved its way up to being one of my new favorite shows. The show follows Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) as they are trying to make it as adult women, following through their messy careers, to even messier romantic lives. It really focuses on the black female experience in today’s society in a beautiful and funny way. The characters are all so flawed, yet so relatable. The friendship between Issa and Molly is an incredibly realistic portrayal of female friendship and all the bumps that you hit along the way. On top of it all, the soundtrack is by far the best of any show that’s ever been. But when Solange Knowles is the music consultant, what do you expect?

Broad City:

Okay, I know I just said Issa and Molly were one of the best female friendships ever but Ilana and Abbi are my number one. I would do anything for these two. The love they have for each other is unparalleled – I could write an entire book on it. The show follows Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) as two young adults trying to make it in NYC, scamming and scheming their way through everyday life. This show is so sweetly weird and funny. It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of classes (or a great alternative to going to class).

Gilmore Girls:

This mother-daughter show is the comfort food of all shows; the mash potatoes and gravy to this list. It’ll make you smile, laugh and sob like a baby as you follow Lorelei (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) Gilmore in their small town of Stars Hollow, watching them both grow into incredible women. The show is packed with pop culture references (brush up on your early 2000’s trivia) and quick banter. It will not be hard to binge all seven seasons and the recent four-episode revival. Oh and also, #TeamJess obviously.


“UnReal” is one of the most underrated shows. It’s a satirical spoof on “The Bachelor,” following Rachel (Shiri Appleby), one of the show’s producers coming back to the show after suffering a mental breakdown. This show is full of horrible women – notably Rachel and her boss/mentor Quinn – that you will love to hate. They’re manipulative and evil, yet you will be rooting for them every step of the way. The show creator used to work for “The Bachelor,” which makes the show all the more juicy. It really revolutionizes the anti-hero, letting the women steal the show now. Move over Frank Underwood and Walter White.

The Mindy Project:

I thought I loved Mindy Kaling in “The Office,” then I watched “The Mindy Project.” It follows Mindy (Mindy Kaling) an OBGYN in NYC who’s just trying to have it all and fall in love too. This show doesn’t stray too much from the rom-com genre, but Mindy’s self-deprecating yet self-absorbed humor keeps it fresh and hilarious. I find myself laughing and squealing out loud several times an episode, mostly because of Mindy’s great one-liners such as: “I want you to love me in a way I can show on Instagram.” It’s ridiculous and crazy yet, at the same time, sweet and heartwarming.

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