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Walker asks public to help rally support for budget

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign launched digital ads Monday encouraging supporters to write letters to their legislators in support of his budget.

Image By: Katie Scheidt

Gov. Scott Walker is turning to his supporters to help sell state legislators on his budget.

Friends of Scott Walker launched a digital ad campaign Monday urging people who support the biennial budget proposal to write to their representatives about its benefits. Wisconsinites can send form letters to their legislators by visiting the website

The website allows supporters to send letters expressing support for different parts of the budget, including a UW System tuition cut and general tax decreases.

"The bold conservative reforms we’ve enacted in this state make it possible to cut taxes even further and make historic investments in education,” Walker said in a statement. “I intend to fight so working families are the ones who benefit, and I hope Wisconsinites will join me."

Republicans in the state legislature have mostly expressed support for the budget proposal, though some say they remain wary because of dramatic spending increases. Democrats have widely denounced the plan.

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