When the Kohl Center lights faded away, Zak Showalter had to adapt to life outside of basketball

Zak Showalter has Cardinal red running in his blood. 


Living Learning Communities allow like-minded students to explore passions

Living Learning Communities can be a home away from home for students nervous about coming to a large university. Student testimonials relay the benefit of living in an intentional space for curating your passion and meeting individuals eager to explore common interests. 


The Noteworthiness of learning about music — and its evolution

In an ever-changing society, educators are challenged with adapting their curriculums to new pressures. UW Professor Alexander Shashko discusses preserving history, the importance of music and all of its rewards.


UW-Madison students utilize volunteer opportunities as chance to enrich classroom experiences

When freshman Steph Bekas’ teacher swapped typical homework in her rehabilitation psychology and special education class for hands-on volunteer experience, she found the missing link she was looking for. 

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