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DACA keeps freedom of choice in education

The “American Dream” is dependent on each person, and to believe it’s a one-size-fits-all guide to being a citizen is exactly why revoking DACA will fail to provide for the folx it is made for. It’s failing the folx that are seeking opportunity and access, by revoking their ability to earn their degree, have a job and live a full life. 


Tracking, standardized testing fail to uplift individual learning, empower students

Finding new ways to better students’ educational experiences certainly requires dedication to research and policy change — overhauling the American education system as we know it is no small task. But just because it may be difficult to restructure our schools in a way that is equitable and beneficial for everyone doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.


Safe spaces: Acknowledging privilege

In the end, claiming a space is “safe” only goes so far as the work that is put into it, and it is up to individuals on whether that space is truly safe for them — and not hold it against them if they change their mind.


Decolonizing curriculum, striving towards inclusive education

The educational pipeline is a period of exploration of one’s identity, place in society and their academic interests. It is a phase where opinions are like clay in its initial stages — if well-shaped it can make a beautiful pot, but mishandling can result in long-lasting effects. 

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