Teaching toward, around technology: Are screen bans good for students?

While the days of taking notes by hand may seem long forgotten, the practice is making a reappearance at UW-Madison, with lecture halls across campus implementing “screen bans.” 


You're tuning in to Comm Arts 449: Sound Cultures: Podcasting and Music

Education is often tasked with reflecting the modern technology landscape. At UW, students are given an opportunity to learn how to podcast right in the classroom. Read more about it here.


Technology provides students online resources in classrooms

As technology has developed, it has become easy for students to have many resources available to them. This opens up many outlets for students as they navigate their way through classes.


Social media takes over student education

Teenagers and college students rely heavily on social media to understand what societal norms are. There are many aspects to social media that can be helpful or harmful; however, we are beginning to learn things by being connected with the world outside of our small circle.  

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