Lack of funds, lack of services: Wisconsin schools look to social work, staff trainings in youth mental health services

One in five students who attend public school experience some type of mental health concern — but only about 20 percent of them receive the help and support they need, leaving millions of kids untreated nationwide.


The importance of sexual education

Sexual education can be something that we put on the backburner. However, Vanessa describes why it is a very important part of life as you enter into the real world. 


City of Madison: One of the most educated cities, but for whom?

Students of color face inequities in educational opportunity throughout their academic careers.


UW-Madison’s Odyssey program lifts barriers to education for low-income, incarcerated folks

“I was born into cycles of violence, alcoholism and drugs, and it wasn’t until I came to prison that I learned how to read and write,” a student in the Odyssey Project testified. “I fell in love with the worlds that words built.”



‘We have a teacher exodus’: Madison public schools struggle with teacher shortages

Madison public schools suffer from teacher shortages and an inability to retain them in their positions as state legislators struggle to find solutions.


In partnership with Madison school district, report studies growing rates of unexcused absences in middle schools

As unexcused absences in Madison middle schools continue to rise, researches determine that academic achievement may not be as directly related to attendance as previously thought. 

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