The Unvaccinated Gift: A Masked Campus

Undeniably, the decision to remain unvaccinated is self-inflicted. The logic in forcing the vaccinated folk to maintain strict safety protocols on campus that are just to keep the unvaccinated healthy is flawed and unfair.


Big Pharma profiteering is to blame for the ongoing pandemic

Rising prescription costs, the opioid crisis and tax breaks ⁠— Big Pharma’s history of profit-driven selfishness is easily eclipsed as the COVID-19 pandemic prompts these same companies to delay progress, threatening hopes for international herd immunity.

Covid-19 simulus checks

Delayed stimulus payments finally pass the Senate, yet many Americans are still waiting on their benefits.

If the Democratic legislators would not have focused on pushing Biden’s economic agenda this way, the American people could have begun to receive the economic relief they desperately need. 


Public Health & Dane County Order #10: Put people first

In response to a rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, Public Health Madison & Dane County released Emergency Order #10, completely prohibiting all indoor gatherings and limiting outdoor gatherings to 10 people. 


Modifications to F-1 visa restriction exemptions for international students should be reconsidered

The pandemic calls for a show of humanity and consideration of everyone’s well being. International students arrive in millions to the United States because of the education they’re offered and bring a lot to the table, financially and otherwise. A consideration for their lives during a global pandemic isn’t too much to ask for.


COVID-19: Crisis or Presidential Opportunity?

Regardless of the pandemic, we must utilize our right to vote with our individual political views — not a crisis-fueled puppet show — and the betterment of the nation in mind.

Social Distancing on Floor

Letter to the Editor: Economic and ethical challenges amid the global pandemic

Are societies willing to sacrifice lives to protect the global economy, thereby reducing unemployment and economic suffering? Or must we put our financial resources into global health, so as to prevent even more extraordinary losses? 


Between Panic and Moderation: The non-stop metronome

While it may be difficult to be overly positive right now, we can only hope that in sharing experiences and resources with one another, we can initiate a larger conversation surrounding work culture.  

Mom working from home

COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the workplace. That’s a good thing.

The transition to a more remote workplace won’t happen overnight, nor will it apply to every industry equally. 

Power to the People

Social distancing lends us the time to finally ask: Who is America for?

There is no better time for fundamental change than now.


Elections In Depth: Coronavirus Offers A Re-Evaluation of U.S. Election Policies

The fundamental assumption when it comes to voting protocol should be as follows: everyone who is legally able to vote should be able to do so as easily as possible. 


Journalism can’t die — we need truthful reporting now more than ever

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that will likely leave a mark on humanity for eternity, it has become apparent that mere discussions about misinformation cannot suffice. We, as consumers of media, need to take action.


Letter to the Editor: Finding the silver lining of a global pandemic

The unity demonstrated by communities across the globe in order to combat this virus is truly astounding. In the midst of the chaos, humanity prevails.

Electoral Violence Graphic by Lyra.jpg

This isn’t just voter suppression — it’s electoral violence.

At the end of all of this, when the bodies are counted, they will likely claim they had no choice. They did everything they could and democracy is messy.

We will know better, and we will vote like it.

Trump COVID Briefing.jpg

It’s Time for Action: Resisting populist anger over corporate bailouts

Without the immediate issuing of these government-backed loans, companies will be unable to pay their creditors, let alone their employees — an undoubtable recipe for mass bankruptcy.

Entrance to the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Election Amidst a Pandemic: Voter suppression and reckless decisions

After Indiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and countless other states postponing their primary elections and expanding absentee voting guidelines, it comes as a shock that Wisconsin’s institutions have ruled otherwise. 

DANGER opinion sign

The illusion of safety and Americanized ignorance

The most privileged in our society are now being forced to face the reality that they aren't actually invincible, that there are some glaring gaps in services and support, and we can only hope that this leads to a revolution of sorts.


What we owe to each other: Ubuntu philosophy in the midst of a pandemic

Perhaps disasters of this magnitude would always hit such groups the hardest, but the fact that a section of society lives life forever hanging perilously off a precipice highlights a deficiency in our society, where we are not able to adequately provide for all our fellow humans. 


Letter to the Editor: Pandemic response tests switch to online learning

As the coronavirus pandemic tests our switch to alternative modes of education delivery, we should be reminded how online learning is increasingly relevant to ambitious and self-motivated students today willing to trade off the benefits of an on-campus instructional experience for greater convenience and flexibility.

New normal

Letter to the Editor: Prioritizing ourselves among the chaos

I am exhausted. I imagine you are too.

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