Food insecurity during COVID-19 impacts the nation and college campuses

Food pantries around the globe have seen an uptick in food insecurity as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, and the UW-Madison campus is no exception. Here on campus, various food pantries such as the Open Seat have seen a drastic increase in the number of students, staff and faculty members alike who are struggling to find where their next meal is coming from. 


Students come first: Inclusive teaching in the classroom, online

UW-Madison professors try to continuously improve the inclusivity of their teaching techniques. COVID-19 has added a new set of considerations.

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When you’re not ‘safer at home’: How city, state services are supporting domestic abuse victims during quarantine

Though Madison Police Department has only had a slight 4 percent increase in domestic violence calls since the “Stay-at-Home” order’s been in place, it likely isn’t representative of what’s happening behind closed doors.


Zoom-ing through Spring 2020: Students, professors share struggles in adjusting to online class

Stressors brought by the COVID-19 quarantine have made classes a struggle for UW-Madison students and professors alike, but also created new recognition of the campus community.  


Madison organizations step up to support community amid COVID-19 outbreak

As Wisconsin’s unemployment rate continues to climb and thousands of small businesses remain indefinitely closed by the state’s “Safer-at-Home” in order to contain the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, shortages in supplies, equipment and services have been exacerbated by the public health crisis.


‘We have a right to assemble’: Protests against ‘Safer at Home’ order highlights growing conflict between public health, personal freedoms

Mentally, emotionally and financially stressed by social distancing guidelines, Madison Elmer and her sister-in-law Adrianne Elmer-Melby’s frustration turned into a campaign for collective action. 


Practicing in a pandemic: Students’ relationships with religion in COVID-19

In the context of a national trend of decreasing religiosity among college students, COVID-19 has changed the way students — and society as a whole — can practice their faith.

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You’re not alone: Campus suicide prevention initiatives

Students and mental health professionals are working to offer suicide prevention resources to UW-Madison’s campus community.


Dane County law enforcement agencies adjust daily operations for COVID-19

With social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders in full effect, law enforcement agencies are learning how to do their jobs without furthering the virus’s spread.


‘We go outside to explore and heal’: Why Madison families continue to visit to city parks

Many residents are finding the open trails and parks in Madison as a beneficial way to keep healthy and active during an ordered shutdown of state parks.

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Finding political identity: How the pandemic changed one UW-Madison student’s primary vote

Finding political identity has been a "rollercoaster" for Witte, who grew up in conservative Wisconsin.


Tuesday’s election left Wisconsin voters with difficult safety decisions, missing absentee ballots

As many Wisconsinites cast their ballots across the state, some felt they had to choose between their rights and their health while others were unable to vote because of last-minute changes. 


Sensationalize or solution-ize: Re-examining the role of news media in the age of COVID-19

Journalists have a job to inform the public, but in an unprecedented public health crisis there is a fine line between informing and spreading fear — when does news help, when does it hurt and how can journalists best report on coronavirus?


‘Going viral’ with COVID-19: One UW-Madison student’s unexpected rise to fame amid a global pandemic

Laying bedridden and alone in her Madison apartment one March evening, Amy Shircel believed she was on the brink of death. 

University Health Services encourages students to continue reaching out amid novel coronavirus pandemic

A UW-Madison student experience is now different than many are used to due to rules and regulations put in place for the safety of the Madison community.


As students begin online courses, UW-Madison announces special pass/fail grading option for spring semester

The Office of the Provost announced a special Pass/Fail grading option for students during the Spring 2020 semester due to the impact of COVID-19.


In-person classes canceled for remainder of semester: UW-Madison adds to growing list of restrictions

Nineteen people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Dane County as of Tuesday, including one UW-Madison faculty member in the School of Veterinary Medicine.


‘I can’t go back home’: UW-Madison, some UW System campuses suspend face-to-face instruction due to COVID-19

UW-Madison suspended face-to-face instruction Wednesday, starting March 23 — the date classes would typically resume after spring break — in an attempt to lessen COVID-19 risks. 

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