Instead of letting 2019 be the only year of women, celebrate women achievements every year. 

Image By: Max Homstad

Why every year should be the Year of the Woman

Why was 2018 dubbed the Year of the Woman? Well, for starters, women reclaimed their voices and bodies with the “Me Too” movement, which brought attention to sexual assault and sexual harassment via social media. 

Election time brought a wave of female candidates, and winners, in many positions in the U.S. government. As of now, women make up about 23 percent of the total U.S. House of Representatives. 2018 truly was a year full of women, but why should it be considered the only year?

Women have been doing amazing things since the beginning of time. They have ruled civilizations, led armies and redefined societal norms for centuries. Cleopatra ruled over Egypt for 21 years and is considered one of the most powerful, wise and beautiful women in history, and trust me, she lived long before 2018.

Joan of Arc led the French army to victory in the 15th century, an action that shocked many as war was considered a masculine task. Fast forward to relatively more recent years when courageous women led the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the U.S., leading to a societal change that was created by women, for women.

All I’m saying is that women have been doing groundbreaking things since the dawn of time. Why should we expect current years to be any different? Women will continue to break barriers and change societal norms in the years to come. 

I urge you to stop letting one year be dedicated to women’s achievements when women have been successful since long before 2018, and make every year “The Year of the Woman.”

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