Flock Foundations


A conversation with an early female Cardinal leader

Current female Cardinal editors interviewed Eileen Martinson Lavine, who was the first woman to serve as editor-in-chief for a year-long term in 1944-'45, leading a predominantly female staff who paved the way for editorial teams like ours.

Equity A Half-Century Later

 Nearly five decades ago, in the passion of my youth, I wrote an essay for this newspaper entitled “women and capitalism” (lowercase letters in the original). I cared deeply for the former and had little use for the latter. The piece discussed the financial equity gaps for white and black women, and those chasms were outrageous.  

It didn't end with them: Cardinal women kept the paper running against all odds since WWII

Allison Hantschel, a Cardinal alumna, contributed an excerpt from her book  It Doesn't End With Us detailing how Cardinal women stepped up to keep the paper running in World War II, and continued to do so through print shutdown into today.

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