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Cardinal View: Women's health programs at UW are a step in the right direction

 As of October, boxes of affordable emergency contraceptives sit behind the counters at the student unions. There is no denying that these new additions to Badger Market break down barriers, allowing women at UW-Madison to take more control of their reproductive health. The decision to provide accessible and affordable emergency contraception on campus is the latest addition in a push to make women’s health services more accessible to students. 

Large underrepresentation of women can lead to disinterest and frustration with STEM subjects. 

Cardinal View: Gender disparities by major impacting non-male students, need additional support

“Being underrepresented in your major can impact you in a lot of ways.” 

While UW-Madison has awarded women bachelor’s degrees for 150 years, the patriarchal history of education has ripple effects to this day, particularly in the hard sciences and maths. 

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Nighttime campus safety needs attention

What time are you going to leave? Do you want to walk home together? Should we just call an Uber? Text me when you get into your car. Let me know when you get home. Call me if you don’t feel safe. 

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