Support other women in genuine and unconventional ways.

Image By: Kalli Anderson

How to be a woman for other women

Our current social climate seeks to capitalize on competition between individuals and, in the process, encourages the act of tearing others down for personal success. This can be observed in situations ranging from social media cyberbullying to spreading vicious rumors. 

This epidemic is very prevalent among women in our society, and it is important that we all take a moment to identify ways to lift others up, rather than tear them down. While there are countless ways to do so, these three simple tips are things you can do to support the women around you.               

  1. Give her a unique compliment. ​Society places such importance on physical appearances that causes women to believe their value relies solely on how they look. Instead of complimenting your friend’s hairstyle or outfit, tell her how impressed you are with her work ethic or the way that she cares for others. Surface level compliments are not worthless, but compliments directed toward a woman’s character can change the way she views herself.  
  2. Celebrate her success.​ Instead of viewing the success of others as a personal failure, praise their efforts. The next time your friend gets an A on a paper or gets the job they have been wanting, buy her a celebratory coffee or write an encouraging post-it note and stick it on her notebook. Small acts of recognition can go a long way.     
  3. Catch yourself before making a snide comment.​ Whether it is about an Instagram post or someone’s outfit, tearing other women down only degrades your own character. Even if that insult never makes its way to her ears, it perpetuates a norm that talking behind the backs of others is acceptable. Be the woman among your friends who breaks that norm.

Being a woman that supports other women will only lead to a successful society for all. Build up other women in these simple ways and see the impact you make.

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