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How to be an ally for those battling hidden illnesses

Seeing someone in a wheelchair or navigating through campus with a white cane are ways that we see disability, but often times those that go unseen are not unfelt. Mental illness is disabling to those who suffer from it, so hold those who battle these illnesses close and be an ally for them. 

The daily thoughts and concerns of a diabetic student might seem odd to the average person, but it is a matter of life and death.

Trying to survive: A day in the life of college student with Type 1 diabetes

Before making judgements about someone's disease or ailment, know that every individual's health experience is different and unique. As a student, sleep and a sharp mind is precious and necessary, read how one of our very own writers, Megan Girod, faces that struggle with an added obstacle of managing her type 1 diabetes, too. 

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