Power of art: Rethinking disability

In an age of acceptance, we have seen an increase of representation for all in forms of artwork. Those with disabilities have found a voice and a therapeutic approach to performing.


Spotlight on sexuality: Media needs more exploration, accurate representation

The exploration of the misrepresentation of sexuality and people with disabilities in the entertainment world — creating inclusivity and space for lived experiences. 


Literature as a mirror: Representing disability in fiction

Underrepresentation in literature causes a shortage of positive role models for people with disabilities, and changes how society views the role of disability.


Upstage Stigma shouts, dances through mental health treatment

The brainchild of UW-Madison alum Emily Erwin-Frank, Upstage Stigma aims to put a face to mental illness and its impacts on Madisonians from varying walks of life.


A seat for all: Accessibility at Madison concert venues

The city of Madison has concert venues seemingly on every corner — but which ones are best suited to host guests with physical disabilities?

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