UW-Madison graduate student shines spotlight on accessible, sustainable theater

After spending years on the stage, Cyra K. Polizzi is switching roles to create a sustainable, accessible, feminist theater practice — from play programs to accommodating tour locations.


Hatch Art House: Affordability

Tammy Schreiter, the owner of Hatch Art House, has always instilled values of affordability, eco-friendly procedures and creativity in her business. An artist herself with an MFA in painting and an emphasis on multimedia work, Tammy knows what it is like to be a creator in the oftentimes elitist world of art, with expensive materials, politicized gallery selection processes and a lack of profit for artists early in their career.  


National Geographic Symphony calls for change through music, visuals

The Overture Center was filled with a varied audience on March 30 when “A Symphony for Our World” blew through. It drew in a range of personas from music fanatics to nature buffs to families with children. The five-part symphony composed by Bleeding Fingers Music was performed by a live orchestra and chorus.  


Tuning into the environment: How musical instruments play into our earth’s health

The world of music has begun to expand its environmental consciousness, globally and a couple miles from the UW-Madison campus.


Terra Incognita Art Series connecting communities through discovering the unknown land

Terra Incognita Art Series, mainly supported by UW-Madison Center for the Humanities; The Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies; and The Center for Culture, History, and Environment, has brought artists and communities together since 2016.


Digital vs. Disc: An environmental, musical dilemma

Electronic-waste, or E-waste, is a term not too many people are familiar with. However, the definition is not hard to comprehend. E-waste includes technology such as CDs, records and music playing devices. All methods of listening to music have their drawbacks. But which is better for the earth in the long run? 

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