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UW-Madison students find community in collegiate addiction recovery program

Badger Recovery holds twice weekly meetings where students can get advice and cultivate a sense of fellowship while on their recovery journey.

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‘A different time’: Looking back at UW-Madison prior to the 21-year-old legal drinking age

“I remember what fraternities were like at UW-Madison in the 80s; frat parties had open kegs and lots of people were eventually drunk and asleep or just lying on the floor,”


‘If you don’t drink, you don’t belong’: A deep dive into UW’s Color of Drinking survey

“The privileged culture around drinking and the idea that it is the normal thing to do and how people have fun in college makes me feel like I am not experiencing college the way I am supposed to and that I don’t relate to my peers?”

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UW-Madison implements Nalox-ZONE boxes in residence, dining halls

New Nalox-ZONE boxes aim to reduce the possibility of drug overdoses, especially with the rise in fentanyl overdoses. 


UW-Madison has a binge drinking problem

UW students feel the campus is an environment where drinking feels like a social necessity. 

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A deep dive into UW’s student insurance plan SHIP

SHIP is designed specifically for UW-Madison students, allowing them a comprehensive insurance plan that covers additional health care costs incurred at University Health Services. 


A historical look into medical, recreational cannabis use

The UW School of Pharmacy takes steps to better inform students about the history of cannabis use. 

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