UW Black Student Union march facilitates conversation, understanding amid disruptive counter protesters

Tensions rose as a Trump caravan disrupted the WBSU demonstration of recognizing and healing Black fatigue in the weeks before the election. 

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“You taste the gas, you smell the gas, you feel the gas”: Banned in warfare but not in riots, why activists are questioning the use of tear gas

Protest was at the front of everyone’s mind this summer, as police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor stirred up a movement for racial and social justice with a magnitude not seen in 80 years.


How a handful of counties turned out en masse, winning Wisconsin for Joe Biden

Wisconsin flipped blue in this election as former Vice President Joe Biden won the state by a razor-thin 20,000 vote margin, matching President Trump's margin of victory in 2016.


'War is Madison’s only determinate between now and half a century ago,' says UW-Madison Class of 1970 Alumni

According to UW-Madison class of 1970 alumni Donald Fischer, Madison looks much like it did 50 years ago while in the midst of a social justice movement. The only difference is that the city is being ravaged by a pandemic instead of a war.


'The system is broken': Madison’s local government is inaccessible to those that need it most

Student representatives in City Council, County Board and committees say the structure of those bodies impose barriers to community participation in governance.

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