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Thursday, November 30, 2023



Reducing the stigma surrounding food insecurity

The jokes about hungry students are partially a commentary on the price of a college education —there’s no money for food when you have to make a loan payment every month — but something that started out as lighthearted might not be so funny after all. 


Dear College Dems: My sexuality is not a joke

College Democrats at UW-Madison has a long-standing history of organizing and progressivism that has led to numerous successful elections at the local, state and federal level. But this organization that supposedly welcomes diversity has shifted into an exclusive club.


Come as you are: UW increasingly works toward inclusivity

Although UW-Madison is generally a great environment and community to be a part of, it's also time to face the truth that this may not be the case for every Badger. However, it is important to acknowledge that UW is committed to providing an inclusive space for all students, especially for incoming students. 


Conversations on State Street: More to people than what meets the eye

It’s 9:35 a.m. as countless students speed walk down State Street, rushing to class in the hopes their professor is doing the same so they won’t be late after all. As the morning rush causes many to dodge and weave through the leisurely walkers abound, it’s not uncommon for them to pass several people who look like they’ve been living in poverty for far too long. While there are occasional walkers who stop to engage with these folks, the majority decline their request for spare change and keep walking for fear of an uncertain encounter or the potential of an impending class tardy. 


Cardinal View: Evers is bringing Wisconsin back to its roots of environmentalism

In November of 2018, Wisconsin saw a massive turnout in the midterm elections, resulting in the election of Democratic Governor Tony Evers over Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the gubernatorial race. With just over 1 percent of the vote, Evers’ win was narrow. As he celebrated his victory, Evers promised Wisconsin residents “change is coming” — and change has certainly been seen in the field of environmental policy in just a few months since the election.  


Going Green: how UW students can start being environmentally friendly today

As a large school with a proportionally large environmental impact, it is vital that students are aware of ways to live a more environmentally-friendly life. Not all commitments to sustainability need to be drastic. Some students think that they lack the time to create a more sustainable routine, or that it can be too expensive for students to buy products that are better for the environment, for example. But simple changes such as turning off lights, recycling, composting and using the bus can make a difference, and are easy to implement.


UW should support efforts to include substance-free students on campus

On a campus where you are seemingly never more than 500 feet from a bar, “Drink Wisconsinbly” is printed on t-shirts, shot glasses, sunglasses and the works, and party culture is deeply ingrained in social culture. It can be difficult feeling like you are getting the full college experience as a substance-free student. 

School shootings have become hypersensitive due to increasing numbers in America and hate crimes abroad. 

Fear of school shootings: A normalized campus climate

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, at 5:03 p.m. the University of Michigan issued a text alert to its student body: “UM EAlert Ann Arbor: Active shooter in Mason Hall. Run, hide, fight.” I was visiting my brother in Ann Arbor for his birthday, and until then it had been a normal day.

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