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Monday, September 25, 2023

Editorial Board


Cardinal View: 'Traditional' college experience not financially accessible to all students

Students decked in red and white gear across UW-Madison’s campus can tell you what it means to have the “College Experience”: it includes going to games in the Kohl Center and at Camp Randall, experiencing Madison’s nightlife on State Street or partying in the high rises around campus, grabbing food from one of the unions and absorbing the views The Terrace has to offer.

In today's political climate, the perception of news media has become a polarized issue. For the first editorial board piece of the year, we want to detail our contribution to Madison's campus.

Cardinal View: The free press is only here to help

Over the summer, dozens of news outlets rallied their editorial boards and published coordinated statements decrying President Trump’s hostile rhetoric toward news media, specifically his declaration that journalists are “enemies of the people.” Arguing that a free press is a cornerstone in a functioning democracy, these organizations pointed out the dangers of living in a society where the government works in darkness and no systems exist to disclose its work. Trump is not the first leader to be frustrated with coverage of their presidency, and he will not be the last.

Finding local vendors that can meet the demand of UW-Madison dining halls throughout the year presents unique challenges for university dining services.

Cardinal View: UW-Madison gradually improving quantity of locally sourced food

In a calendar year, UW Housing purchases nearly 40,000 lbs. of four-ounces hamburger patties. It brings in 17,300 lbs. of plain chicken breasts — just one type of chicken it sells — and more than 63,000 lbs. of lettuce. Producing food in high volume is a constant challenge that Paul Sprunger, UW-Madison’s executive chef, and his team have to deal with. And finding local vendors who can keep up with the university’s supply and demand is another issue in and of itself. But, in recent years, UW-Madison is making incremental improvements to how much of its food comes from local sources — though it’s important to note that local food does not necessarily equate to better tasting food.


Cardinal View: Campus sexual assault survivors deprived of justice

Two sexual assaults reported at UW-Madison ended in injustice this month. Nathan Friar will serve eight years of probation for a second-degree sexual assault he was convicted of, and no jail time. Nicholas Ralston was found not guilty of third-degree sexual assault, despite sending a text stating, “...I sexually assaulted [the victim] last night...” It’s common for editorials or campaigns speaking out against sexual assault to open with statistics.

Wando's Bar & Grill filters hip-hop music, along with several other bars in Madison.

Cardinal View: Censoring hip-hop in bars is racist, does not promote student safety

Some campus-area bars don’t like black people or black music. No bar owner or manager specifically said this statement outright, but there is no doubt that places like Wando’s Bar & Grill and The Double U  filtering hip-hop music from their TouchTunes players sends that exact message to the campus and greater Madison community. Jay Wando, one of only a few to respond to interview requests from Cardinal reporters, said he doesn’t want “gangster hip-hop” because it might draw in a crowd “not driven by UW-Madison students.” He further defended his policy of filtering hip-hop music by claiming it to be a safety issue. “It’s just because we want UW students to be safe in a bar environment,” he said.


Cardinal View: Explicit chant deserves punishment beyond hollow condemnation

Discouraging. Disturbing. Disrespectful. Disgusting. These are a few words used by the Committee on Student Organizations and the international fraternity Sigma Chi to describe the recent actions of UW-Madison’s chapter of the fraternity. Sigma Chi’s members, roughly 50 of them, participated in a chant that “encouraged sexual assault” and “contributed to a culture of fear and concern,” according to the CSO. The chant is an anthem of rape culture. Lyrics, if they can be dignified with the term, include: “We’re going to throw her against the wall and we’re going to fuck her, and then fuck her mother and sister.


Cardinal View: Soglin slips in tackling homelessness issue

Mayor Paul Soglin, since his landslide reelection victory in April 2015, has once again taken upon himself to address Madison’s homeless problem with rhetoric rather than substantial policy. Over the summer, Mayor Soglin proposed a new city ordinance which would tackle problematic loitering and lodging in Madison’s Central Business District. While not directly mentioning the homeless, the ordinance, which Madison’s Common Council has since voted down, attempted to clear out downtown of individuals whom were causing an undue nuisance to both city residents and the various business of downtown Madison.

Daily Cardinal

Commencement speaker decision proves divisive

Last year around this time, The Daily Cardinal Editorial Board penned “UW needs to pay commencement speakers.” The column was primarily in response to the announcement University of Wisconsin -Madison Alumnus Carol Bartz was to be the spring 2012 commencement speaker. The editorial board was not optimistic that the former Yahoo and Autodesk’s CEO would deliver a rousing address. Somewhat paradoxically, this year’s announced commencement speaker, Anders Holm, did not have his credentials so stringently examined by this board.

Daily Cardinal

More action needed against OWIs

Wisconsin’s German heritage may explain where this perverse drinking culture began, but it cannot be the reason for such lax alcohol laws. There is nothing wrong with putting back a few cold ones after a long day, but did you know Wisconsin leads the nation in binge drinking—which is defined as having five drinks in a sitting for a man and four for a woman? People in Wisconsin are more likely to drive drunk than anywhere else in the United States, and this state has the highest incidence of drunken driving deaths in the United States. Not only that, but minors can legally drink at bars if accompanied by their legal guardian.

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