Those who still support Trump in 2019 won’t change their minds

Despite countless gaffes and scandals, President Trump's most loyal supporters have remained by his side. 

Image By: Cameron Lane-Flehinger

Despite Donald Trump’s endless flaws both as a president and as a human being, there are still millions of Americans who support him. We all know the things Trump has done and supported have made him wildly unpopular among the majority of Americans. Yet, his large span of critics still feel that those who still like Trump as a president can be persuaded to vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2020. 

The simple fact of the matter is that those who still think Donald Trump is pursuing policies and acting in a way that benefits America and the rest of the world cannot be persuaded otherwise. After two years in office, we’ve seen the president alienate America from the global stage, pursue heartless and illogical immigration policies, pass numerous executive orders that allow our natural resources and environment to be destroyed, pursue the dismantling of health care coverage that nearly threw millions of Americans out of healthcare, sign a tax bill that benefits the wealthiest individuals over the middle class and defend Nazis; there isn’t anything one could say to persuade Trump supporters to withdraw their support of him. 

Trump supporters shouldn’t be judged or characterized in one particular fashion. At this point, those still on board have been fully immersed in Trump’s rhetoric and are sadly victims of his lies. Trump, after all, was the candidate who, along with Bernie Sanders, was going to stand up to corrupt government and fight for the forgotten middle class back in 2016. Those who support him still sadly still believe that Trump is the candidate he pretended to be or are inspired by his rhetoric involving cultural issues, especially immigration.

I’m not going to call all Trump supporters (or even a significant percentage of them) racist or bigots like other liberals too often do. It’s important to recognize, however, that Trump has created a following, one that isn’t based on facts or logic, but on feelings and false promises. Trump supporters today who are truly loyal to him and didn’t just vote for him because they wanted someone new or disliked Hillary Clinton represent the fraction of America that Trump has conned, a large group of middle- and lower-class Americans who have been forgotten by the elitist political system and judged by liberal America. 

Having faith in someone as unique as Trump gives his followers a feeling of pride, one that is based on traditional American and Christian values, despite Trump being the absolute opposite of those specific values. Donald Trump represents a way to get back at the liberals who Trump supporters feel are threatening their traditional way of life. He’s already made America great again in their minds and will continue to do so despite his incompetent administration that has created dangerous policies, making the entire country worse off. 

Those who love Trump are victims of being conned by Trump’s effective yet deceiving rhetoric. Anyone who thinks that they can persuade someone who still supports Trump, even after he referred to Nazis as “very fine people” and praised various ruthless dictators like Kim Jong-un and Rodrigo Duterte, cannot be convinced otherwise. Democrats and liberals need to stop trying to convince his supporters to stop doing so. Instead, they need to reach out to people who voted for him due to despising Hillary Clinton and are able to identify Trump’s endless faults, for taking back votes from Trump is only possible by appealing to those who aren’t that crazy about him. 

Dominic is a sophomore studying political science and environmental studies. Do you think Trump's supporters will continue to stay loyal to him despite his scandals? Send all comments to opinion@dailycardinal.com. 

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