Jeff Bezos calls for making economy work for all billionaires, not just the ones on top

The ba-la-da-gillionaire surprisingly opens up about income inequality.

The ba-la-da-gillionaire surprisingly opens up about income inequality.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes" Sunday evening, Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos made a strong statement about how he would like the economy to be different in America, stating that in the 21st century, the American economy needs to work for ALL billionaires, not just the ones on top.

This is a bold statement from the wealthiest man in the history of the world. Bezos opened up about how he felt the economy was working unfairly for most billionaires, while those such as himself could be worth $160 billion. 

“It makes absolutely no economic or moral sense for someone like me to be worth over $160 billion while there are those worth just $1 or $2 billion. How can we, the United States, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, allow this level of income inequality when we claim to be a nation that defends the weak and helps the poor?” Bezos claimed. “There are those who are worth only $10, sometimes even only $5 billion. In fact, there are those worth even less than that, some not even in the billion dollar range. I say if America is serious, we start addressing and fixing this horrendous inequality so that low-level billionaires can finally catch a break.”

Bezos left the interview in his private jet and flew to his Amazon headquarters where he went on to decide which city to locate the new Amazon headquarters. 

“Let’s put it somewhere where there are lots of low-level billionaires. We need to get serious about giving these people more amounts of wealth if we're ever gonna fix this country,” the business executive said before heading home for the day. 

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